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 KIF Flora Fresh

KIF Flora Fresh

  • Link,. ingredients enhance bulb performance with an increased vase life versus standard flower food formulas.
  • Prevents premature bent neck and stimulates water Bulb food solution works to r.stablsh  thenutnent beano° once the flower is harvested.
  • Reduces Microbial Growth.
  • Provides Nutrents to the flower.
  • Increases Flower solution Uptake.
  • Clears veins for flow of xylem and phloem to increase nutrient supply to the flower.
  • No Leaf VViting, Leaf Chlorosis and Pete, Fading.
  • Increases Life Upto 3 times.
  • Remove foliage On stem which will be below the solution level in the container.
  • Recut the flower stems with a clean, sharp knife Or Make sure vase or flower container is clean prior to use.
  • Mix flower food according to the packet instructions for 1 quart finshed solution and pour into vase. Put stems into vase and enjoy.