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Keep-it-fresh is a leading manufacturer of various types of shelf life extension solutions andhas descent of long term use in the commercial fruit and vegetable industry. Established in 2019, Keep-it-fresh is India’s most renowned and reliable manufacturers of Shelf life extension solutions. Serving a network of Partners Distributors in different territories and global leading groups in the Ethylene absorption industry.

By frequently investing in new technologies and repeatedly Research and Development programmes to improve performance, we strive to deliver innovative ethylene absorption solutions.

Keep-it-fresh has professional R&D team and service team which can provide the best total solutions according to your requirements. We have long term cooperation with many famous brand partners.

We help our customers to be more successful through innovative ethylene absorption solutions which add value to their business by maintaining the brand value, company’s image and country’s image. Keep-it-fresh provides added value by having its own laboratory to perform gas analysis and absorption capacity as well as corrosion analysis and many other analytical tests. This ensures that our clients can benefit from our excellent technical consultancy and assessment.

Keep-It-Fresh production and handling requires the highest standards of quality and hygiene, and we exceed those standards, producing keep-it-fresh grade bulk bags, sachets, Curtain filters, EA paper filter chips and papers for our customers. All of our Keep-It-Fresh solutions facilities are certified. This means our customers can use our products with complete confidence and conviction.Keep-it-fresh application solutions are manufactured under the most stringent conditions anywhere in the world. As part of our packaging solutions, we offer our customers the facility of storing their solutions in our purpose-designed warehouse until required when requested.

Keep-it-fresh offers a wide range of solutions to meet any needs related to ethylene absorption and air filtration.

  • Post- harvest treatment: Ethylene, VBI and fungal spores removal
  • Preservation of all types of fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers
  • Moisture absorption
  • Solutions for reefer and non-reefer vans, cold storages, retail outlets and export standard packaging etc

Keep-it-fresh is committed to providing top quality, innovative answers that yield the best results for our clients.

Keep-it-fresh is in compliance with the following regulatory standards and certifications:

With help of these standards and certifications we ensure customer satisfaction.