Product Description:

KIF Curtains are used primarily in reefer containers to absorb the ethylene gas inside the container. The long haulage and transportation can cause excessive accumulation of ethylene gas inside the container causing alarmingly high acceleration of ripening of ripening of fruits and vegetables causing early decay of the produce. The ethylene production from fruits and vegetable can hamper the freshness at the time the produce reaches the destination.

KIF Curtains consists of special composition mixture of zeolite powder and potassium permanganate in a certain composition that causes ethylene & moisture absorption by simultaneously causing volatile bacterial inhibition (VBI). Ethylene causes shattering, deterioration and ripening on the other hand excess moisture is likely to speed up decay and the development of mould and fungus either during the storage/transportation period.

Keep It fresh Curtains can be easily placed in cold storage’s, walking coolers, reefer vans and non reefer vans of fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers. The KIF Curtains work in a multiple ways to protect and extend shelf life of fresh produce.

Keep it fresh curtain contain ethylene absorbs packed with non-woven cloth which acts as breathable membrane. The absorption of the gas reduces the ripening speed and hence increasing the shelf life of fresh produce.

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  • Removes ethylene, mould and fungal rowth, decay, discoloration, uneven ripening, wilting, softening, scald, loss of crunch, tenderness, weight loss and other effects caused by ethylene gas.
  • Use during postharvest handling of produce (fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers).
  • Slowdowns the ripening process. Use during storage or domestic and international shipments like via air, sea, reefer vans, train trucks, moving coolers, kitchen refrigeration units and cold storage’s.
  • Nature friendly, made up of natural minerals, chemically inert and non-toxic.
  • Can be decomposed of as normal waste
Physical Properties Value
Weight of base Foam (gsm) 70%
KIF Coating 30%

Place the Curtains in front of the suction area of ventilation system of a cold room. KIF Curtain Causes negligible pressure drop as the air passes through the filter and reduces ethylene content. 1no. to 3nos. curtains are recommended per COLD STORAGE & REEFER depending on Voyage Time, Type of Fruit etc.


KIF Curtains is the most innovation technology and has patents applied for in many parts of the world. The product is placed near the intake air flow of the reefer container and on the sides.

Place the Curtains in front of the suction area of ventilation system of a cold room. KIF Curtain Causes negligible pressure drop as the air passes through the filter and Reduces Ethylene Content.


A recommended dosage of 2-4 curtains based on the type of vegetables or fruits being shipped,on Voyage Time, Type of Fruit etc per COLD STORAGE & REEFER. Curtains are recommended for one time use. It is safe to use, easy to install with the rivets in corners and friendly to dispose as it is made from eco friendly substances.

Product Options:

  • KIF Curtains for REEFER’s, Trailers and Retail Cooler Vans are available
  • KIF Curtains for Cold Storage’s are available.