Germination Paper

Germination paper is a revolutionary product that allows the absorption of extra moisture and water that settles inside the box of produce. The paper has very high absorption capacity of up to 200% Water.

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During the normal course of storage of fresh produce water is released from the fruits and vegetables. This water tends to settle at the bottom of the packaging and starts the growth of microbial‘s. To control any adverse effects of germs, fungus, dour or the new germination paper is effective to absorb extracts water and hence reduce the microbial growth in the packaging.

A lot of produce is packed and exported to various countries around the globe with Li times between 15 to 40 days. During this course of time they produce goes to various thermal shocks, natural respiration that releases the moisture in the packaging.

Excess water in the packaging leads to growth of fungus, microbes, bacteria is, mold and eventually leads to the deterioration of produce. This causes the produce to decay and be rendered useless for human consumption.

Keep it fresh germination paper is made from hundred percent recyclable paper that has stretch ability and very high puncture strength, elongation, absorption capacity. The paper can be recycled after usage and hence does not cause any harm to the environment and is recognized to be safe for contact with food and fresh produce.


Following features allow the germination paper to be ideal for use In fresh produce, vegetables, fruits

  • Lowers growth of fungus mould and odour.
  • 200% more absorption capacity than the weight of the paper.
  • High stretch ability and creeping of the paper allows more water to be absorbed in its core.
  • 100 percent recyclable paper.
  • Available in roll form, cut sheets, sheet on roll and invites from 2 inches to 40 inches.


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