Ethylene removal is a natural process that does not affect the property of fruit or vegetable. Ethylene that is released naturally can be continuously removed by KIF Ethylene Scrubber ES 657 through the process of adsorption and chemisorption. Ethylene Scrubber (BES) extends shelf life of fruits and vegetables, minimizes loss due to decay, ensures off season availability and eliminates harmful preservation practices that use Nitrogen
and Sulphur gas. Fruits and vegetables, thus retain their naturalness and can be ripened as per demand without bearing traces of toxic gases. It converts ethylene naturally to releases air free from Ethylene resulting in lowering the ethylene levels in the cold storages naturally.


How it Works?

Our ethylene catalyst are available in 2 versions: static and mobile. Ensures that the ethylene level for kiwi fruit conservation is lower than 0.02ppm. Gives sellers and wholesalers of ethylene-sensitive fruit (e.g. melons)
greater flexibility to act on the market by extending the storage period. The air in the refrigerator is channeled out by one of the fans. The ethylene in the air is burned in the central part (catalytic layer), and then is released back into the refrigerator without any ethylene molecules.

Physical Properties Value
KIF composition 4-7mm ball
Material Ethylene absorber


  • Removes mould and fungal growth, decay, discoloration in results no wilting, softening, scald, loss of crunch, tenderness, weight loss etc.
  • Use during postharvest handling of produce (fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers)
  • Slowdowns the deterioration rate.
  • Use during storage or domestic and international shipments like via air, sea, reefer vans, train trucks, moving coolers, kitchen refrigeration units and cold storages.
  • Nature friendly, made up of natural minerals, chemically inert and non-toxic.
  • Can be decomposed of as normal waste.


SDS: KIF Scrubber ES657

TDS : KIF Scrubber ES657

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