KIF Ethylene Absorber Sachets

Experience the ultimate freshness with our KIF Ethylene Absorber Sachets, designed to extend the life of your produce. By eliminating ethylene gas, these sachets ensure that fruits, vegetables, and flowers stay fresher, longer. Whether you’re a grocer, a florist, or a home cook, our sachets offer an effective and reliable solution for maintaining quality and reducing waste.

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Versatile Sachet Options for Every Need

Type 1: Tyvek (Back & Front)
Durable and Moisture-Resistant: Provides superior protection against moisture, ensuring your produce stays dry and fresh.

Type 2: Breathable Plastic Film Front & Back Tyvek
Optimal Airflow and Robustness: Combines the breathability of plastic film with the strength of Tyvek for the best of both worlds.

Type 3: Breathable Plastic Film Front & Back
Maximum Air Circulation: Allows for constant ventilation, ideal for items needing continuous airflow to remain fresh.


  • Durability: High-quality materials ensure long-lasting performance.
  • Versatility: Suitable for various types of produce and flowers.
  • Convenience: Simple to use and integrate into any storage system.
  • Safety: Non-toxic and eco-friendly materials ensure safe use.
  • Efficiency: Immediate and effective ethylene absorption for maximum freshness.


  • Reduce Waste: Keep produce fresh longer and reduce spoilage.
  • Save Money: Extend the shelf life of your products and lower costs.
  • Enhance Quality: Maintain the appearance, texture, and flavor of your produce.
  • Eco-Friendly: Make a sustainable choice for your business or home.


Usage Guide

How to use KIF Sachets?
Simply place the recommended number of sachets in the fruit and vegetable conventional corrugated boxes or export packing. KIF sachet/pouch absorbs ethylene gas from the pack and create a bacteria free environment to extend the shelf life of packed fresh fruit and vegetables. Doses would depend upon the kind of fresh produce and the quantity of ethylene produced.

Eco-Friendly and Safe
Made from environmentally friendly materials, our sachets are safe to use around all types of food. They contain no harmful chemicals, making them perfect for health-conscious consumers and sustainable businesses. By choosing our Ethylene Absorber Sachets, you not only protect your produce but also contribute to reducing food waste.

Physical Properties Value
Weight of KIF Composition 5 gm
Weight of breathable membrane ½-1 gm




SDS: KIF Sachet
TDS : KIF Sachet + VBI
SGS Test Report 
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